Being a sustainable organisation is especially important to us at CPI (KL). As an organisation, we strive to operate in a responsible manner that adheres to the following:

  • Responsible business financials
  • Continuous human capital development
  • Minimising our environmental impact

Grow With Our People

At CPI (KL), we continually develop the capabilities of our staff at all levels through constant guidance and training, using a programme we have developed in house, coined ‘Smart Organisation’.

Being Green

To minimise greenhouse gas emissions, we strive to employ energy efficient injection moulding machines that are either hybrid, fully-electric, or incorporating servo motors.

In addition, we are proud to have our customer’s solar panels on our roof, offsetting part of our energy consumption. We are also proud that we are in progress of implementing a rainwater harvesting system for one of our facilities.

CPI (KL) is an able and willing player in contributing to our customer’s green initiatives, such as their respective green procurement standards, UL standards, and RoHS requirements.